“I have known Amir for over 7 years in several professional capacities. First, he was hired as CTO of an organization of which I was on the board. Later, when my company acquired his organization, Amir was THE key executive we wanted to be assured that we secured.  He showed tremendous flexibility during this transition and the years that followed. He worked his way up to being the highest ranking technologist at the organization that acquired his team.
Amir is just as strong client-facing as he is in managing his internal teams for quality results.
He communicates clearly with other senior management and takes an ownership mentality to his work. He is a well-rounded senior technology executive focused on continuous improvement in himself and for his team. August 14, 2014

Keith Thode , CEO & chief Scientist , AdvanceNet Labs

“Amir is fantastic as the VP of our tech operations, in a nonprofit tech company. He is a great team player, is mission driven, and is innovative on the human resources side and on the technology. It has been a real pleasure to work with him as he has been instrumental in helping to build the company.” January 29, 2014

Governor Scott McCallum , CEO , Aidmatrix

“Amir is on our Board of Directors at Camp Summit. He has been a very valuable and important board member bringing numerous resources and connections.” August 17, 2010

Carla Weiland , CEO , Camp summit

“Amir is a dedicated technical professional who has put his heart, skill and knowledge into the success of NPower Texas and was instrumental in our merger with Aidmatrix where he continues to be critical to our success. I highly recommend Amir.” August 16, 2010

Sean McCaffrey , Board Member , Aidmatrix

“It was a great pleasure to work with Amir on a project for the Dallas Furniture Bank. He was the consummate professional in every way – very knowledgeable, courteous, creative, and thoughtful. I look forward to working with Amir again on any project.” August 4, 2010

Leonard (Lenny) Krasnow , Director , Dallas Furniture Bank

“Amir is a fabulous director and an all around great person. He knows the ins and outs of technology and always strives to lead his team as well as clients in the right direction. Amir also has a passion for non-profit organizations and he is determined to help them meet their goals and expand their mission nation wide. I have been privileged to work with Amir both at Komen and NPower and look forward to continuing my work with him in the future.” September 13, 2008

Patsy Caldwell , Web Developer , NPower Texas

“It was our pleasure to work with Amir. He understands his product, delivers on service promised and does an outstanding job of keeping in contact with intergral parties to the process to ensure that work is completed timely. His oversight to our project service was impeccable. Additionally, it was a pleasant experience. I woud absolutely retain Amir for future projects and refer him to those who want a solid, innovative project for great value.” July 23, 2008

Tina L Robertson

“Amir is an intelligent and forward-thinking technology executive. Additionally, he is thoughtful and sincere about his mission working with nonprofits. I not only hold Amir in high regard, I also enjoy working with him.” July 21, 2008

Randy McCabe , CEO , MPower

“Since early 2008, Amir and I have worked together on a variety of projects. I have found Amir to be remarkably thoughtful and detail oriented with strong follow-up. I look forward to completing one of them with him (hopefully soon).” July 21, 2008

JJ Baskin , Founder and Executive Director , Education Capital

“Amir never failed to amaze me and won my respect and admiration many times over as his concern for meeting the needs of his clients and the organization always outweighed his personal interests. Working with Amir was a pleasure. Amir and his team designed and launched the training website on our Intranet. His team delivered solutions that worked and supported the HR teams launch of our first automated, on-line, performance management appraisal for Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Not only was the launch successful, Amir accelerated the organization’s success as well as my success by ensuring his team provide me with on-line access for training classes and one-and-one coaching sessions. Amir and his team were an example to all other department leaders and managers at Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and he set an example for all ensuring his team were the first to deliver turn in their performance reviews and development plans. He ensured that members on his team received the training and development opportunities they needed to be successful in their jobs. One of my great joys in working with Amir was not just the wonderful IT work he did, but in reading the professionally written, outcome-based performance reviews that his team delivered … a testimony to a man who can see the big picture and understands the importance of detail. Thank you Amir.” October 6, 2008

Susan Abar , Performance Management Specialist , Susan G. Komen for the Cure

“Amir made going to meetings fun. And, we all know that’s a talent lacking in business today. I knew when I walked into most meetings that time would stand still. However, if Amir attended the meeting, I always made it a point to sit near him as that often became the center of activity/interest. His creative insight and proactive point-of-view were most welcomed, as were his open and honest perspective. Constantly thinking of opportunity for others, Amir would make a great addition to any team!” September 2, 2008

Chris Orzechowski , Director of Brand Marketing , Susan G. Komen for the Cure

“I really enjoyed working with Amir on a data integration strategy for Komen. He was a great partner in working with us to craft the vision and gain buy-in throughout the organization.” August 26, 2008

Lynn Labieniec , CEO , Beaconfire Consulting

“Amir was a great boss to work for. He was always willing to listen to suggestions, concerns that you would bring up to further the technology side of the business while keeping an eye on budgets and time lines that would please the board. Highly recommended.” August 15, 2008

Todd Mueller , .NET Developer , Susan G. Komen

“Amir had the technological vision at Komen that I found extremely valuable. He understood our mission as was able to implement a strong IT infrastructure and development team. His style was always open and inviting to questions and comments. I would certainly recommend him.” August 7, 2008

Gregory Reddin , Web Software Developer, Specialist , Susan G. Komen for the Cure

“While at Komen, Amir restructured and grew the IT department from a small group to a larger department of dedicated, high-performing team members that worked together to accomplish some pretty ambitious goals. Among the projects he headed up, Amir: ** Implemented a Web-based merchandising program that produced $5 million in revenue annually and increased sales by 482% during a span of 4 years ** Planned, developed, and launched several results-driven projects including Balanced Score Card and CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) ** Increased Web traffic by 540% to www.komen.org in number of visitors and 443% in number of hits since the site’s redesign in 2002, and improved search engine rankings from #15 to #2 on Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, and LookSmart, and ** Developed a Web-based content management system that gave each department the ability to publish and manage content while maintaining a consistent corporate brand. During his time at Komen, he was also honored with a number of nominations and awards presented by outside organizations and constituents for the newly designed Web site and revitalized internal department.” July 31, 2008

Wendy Mason , Director of Project Management , Susan G. Komen for the Cure

“Amir is a passionate colleague, he is eager to find the best way to contribute to the success of his company. It is a great guy to work with. A nice gentleman and a very good coworker always with a nice smile..” September 15, 2009

Yves Leclerc , President , Optimum Informatique

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