This is basically a 1 day product ownership course compressed into 15 minute animated presentation. There’s obviously more to product ownership than this, so…

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22 thoughts on “Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell

  1. +Henrik Kniberg … Awsome! …. I’m in love with “Pat” … or in other
    words I guess I want to be pat! … Great video – I’ll go show the world!

  2. Dear Community. We are paddeling all we possible can in team memit, to
    stay on schedule these days. We have unfortunately lost one of our
    front-end developers, (to another project, he is ok, don’t worry) , and it
    is hard to compensate, but the team is doing very well. We have carefully
    viewed and discussed this video in team memit, as it basically describes
    what we do. I would like to share it with you, to give you and idea of how
    important you as stakeholders are to us! It also describes our vision of
    being honest when it comes to what we are promising our stakeholders. This
    is a big challenge as it is very difficult to estimate the time of a
    development process as comprehensive, as the one going on right now with
    memit. But from today I will give you a daily update on how we are holding
    up. And the estimated time to release of the new version of memit. Right
    here in this thread! The count down is on! Today: 12th of August, it looks
    like we will need until the 1th of September before we are ready to open
    the doors. . But it is only an estimated time. 

  3. Excellent overview. Two questions:
    1) How do bug fixes feature in this process (too small for stories)?
    2) Is there an ideal team size?

  4. Awesome. So much got right.. But a minor thing, at 09:55 – the “animation”
    mixes up right thing vs thing right

  5. You are a Product Owner, or planning to become one? Or you are a
    #scrummaster / #agilecoach who wants to help the Product Owner understand
    better his/her role?

    Watch this great video by +Henrik Kniberg:Agile Product Ownership in a
    Nutshell. Enjoy!

    #agile #scrum #productowner #agilecoaching 

  6. Great vid. Question. Is it possible to have a mix of traditional approach
    and agile? Communication is a key factor, yes, but how extensive should it
    be? Say dev to shareholder or dev to PO or PO to shareholder. I have
    experience scrum meeting before which just takes 10-15 minutes and I have
    experience with 1-2 hours. Do scrum masters need to be part of dev team or
    business team or half of each? tia

  7. This is one of the finest videos on role played by PO in Agile/SCRUM. My
    heartfelt Thanks to Henrik for putting this up on YouTube. You have no
    idea what a treasure trove it is. Thanks again.

  8. Backlog grooming is very important, and also the role of PO. Agile will
    give transparency to everybody in the team. good explanation

  9. A very good video on product ownership, maintaining a product backlog and
    agile team communication.

  10. This video is amazing. In just 15 minutes you summarize the content I have
    been studying for a couples of days and now I understand a bunch of more
    things. Thank you very much :D

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