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24 thoughts on “NEW Intro to Agile Scrum in Under 10 Minutes – What is Scrum?

  1. *Scrum in 10 minutes*
    Daamn this is brilliant. Every startuper should know about it.

  2. Our teacher said to read an entire manual on this.

    I went to youtube and got the same information in a 10 min video

    Awesome Work!

  3. I believe estimating in hours, days or time at all makes no sense. I have
    NEVER seen or heard a user-story that is estimated to be finished in say 8
    days actually finish in that number of days! Some people set a focus factor
    to diminish the meaning of “day” or “hour”, it still is roughly accurate.
    Points in the other hand are irrelevant of time. They are based on
    complexity, gut feeling and common understanding of the team of the
    complexity of the user story. Therefore they make a lot more sense in
    actual estimation. Needless to say estimation is guessing after all. In my
    opinion, it’s much better to guess based on a vaguer concept such as common
    understanding of complexity than time that has such an accurate meaning.

  4. WoW!!! This was so clear and concise. so much better than reading about it.
    I am a manual tester and would like to know if you are doing any video’s
    regarding the agile testing side of this methodology? This video has taught
    me so much in a short time. Just fantastic and Thank you. :-)

  5. Great sales pitch. But reality of projects is somewhat different according
    to my experience. I believe, that scrum works for smaller projects, and
    where the stakeholders are willing to accept, that scope within a given
    time frame can be more volatile – for instance in (product) startups. At
    the moment you require reliable delivery within a given time frame, you
    need to add more of the elements of waterfall.

    And at the end, scrum is just another way of doing the same thing
    – providing a method for delivering software, like RUP or V-Model.
    Finally success of failure depends on other factors rather than technology
    or delivery techniques anyway.

    But I liked the making of the video and the background music :). 

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