See more Learn about the Agile product development lifecycle and project management best practices in this stor…

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25 thoughts on “Agile: An Introduction

  1. How would a toy store owner have enough money to hire a whole team of
    programmers, testers, scrum-masters, etc.?

  2. This video is about Scrum, not about agile. Although Scum is an agile
    method, agile does not stop at Scrum. Although the video is a good
    explanation of Scrum, it confuses people about agile. There are other agile
    methods, such as Atern. Even the latest version of PRINCE2 is agile-proof.

  3. Good video. By the way which software is easy to use and can make quick
    animations like these?
    i know adobe flash but it requires lots of timeline work.
    Any others

  4. Two cartoons were too close for few seconds before they shook hands, I was
    really hoping for a kiss

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